Starting with the Basics: Shortbread

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones where you wake up with a mysterious  headache and it decides to stick around for the day? Yea one of those.  Anyway I decided that it was probably a good day to stuff my face with buttery, sugary goodness because you know that can cure any headache no problem ;). So I got back to my dorm room (lovely little hole in the wall that it is) and decided to make one of my favorite and super easy cookies.

Because shortbread is so incredibly quick and easy I love to use it as crusts for my bars. I figure since I use it so often it’s probably a good place to start. Shortbread is delicious all by itself. It’s butter and yumminess, but mostly butter. I will be using this recipe as a base for a lot of my other recipes to come mainly because I love it to death and I hope you all do too! Feel free to play around with the recipe, but please give me credit if you adapt it since this specific one is of my own invention. (By own invention I mean that I shopped around probably 10+ recipes and smashed elements of them together, enough so that I can’t really attribute it to anyone.) Thanks a ton!


Set oven to 325ºF and bake for ~25 minutes or until golden brown.

*I actually used a 8×8 baking pan because I prefer my cookies thick and chewy, but if you’re looking for standard shortbread crispness then go for a 9×13 pan.

-2 sticks of butter (softened)
-1/2 c powdered sugar
-1/2 tsp. cinnamon or vanilla extract (depending on what flavor you want)
-2 c flour minus 1 TBSP

1. Mix ingredients together until they form a dough. It should be crumbly at first. I suggest using your hands.
2. Knead the dough for 2-3 minutes
3. Press the dough into baking pan and then stab random holes into it with a fork.


Look at that high quality photography! This is pre-baking.

4. Shove it in the oven!
5. Bake until golden brown so about 25 minutes or so. The oven I was using is a old hunk of junk so it took a tad longer. I like my cookies chewy and soft so my rule of thumb is underbaking a bit is better to overdoing it. (This is more applicable to cookies like this where there aren’t any raw eggs.)


Finished product!

Anyway so the cookies didn’t last very long. I’ve got about half a pan left and I imagine those won’t last longer than tomorrow afternoon…


I’m pretty sure there were 10 cookies on that plate when I first put them there…


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