Oreo Mini Scones


I know they look like puffy cookies, but I promise they’re not.

I’ve never made scones before so this was a bit of me fumbling around in the dark. There’s a very good reason I’ve never made them and that’s mainly because every time I go to Starbucks, I cringe when I see the calorie counts on those things. I know that butter and sugar are good things, but everything in moderation right? Anyway, I decided to give them a go and make them miniature so I wouldn’t feel as bad about eating them. And miracle of miracles they turned out well! They actually had a good fluffy consistency–no one could have been more shocked than I was. I plan on pawning most of them off to other people, which seems to be the most effective way to get rid of temptation ;).

However, pants size aside, I was a bit afraid to get my hands into these (no pun intended). Scones are supposed to be fluffy and tender. Seeing how my muffins come out sometimes (like rubbery pancakes) I wasn’t sure if I was ready to handle something more complicated. Procrastination is a beautiful thing. See the choices were: study for chem exam and wake up early to make something or try my hand at scones now and then sleep until 11. I think the choice is obvious. I am a college student and have the luxury of sleeping in until an obscene hour. I plan to take advantage of it as long as it lasts. That and having Fridays off (yea I actively plan my schedule so that happens…). Don’t worry, I ended up studying for the exam when I was done baking these.

I’m not all that bad. As a college student, I do like to learn things and I thought that maybe I would add an element to my blog that makes me a bit more unique. There are so many food bloggers out there that I feel like if I don’t have a hook I’ll get lost in the sea of them. I don’t want to make you guys read anything long and extensive or have something too weird going on so I decided on an interesting idea. Every recipe I’m going to share an interesting food fact, either about one of the ingredients in the recipe or about food in general.

Today’s factoid: Scones originated from a common Welsh recipe where round yeast cakes were cooked either on griddles or bake stones. There is contention about where the word ‘scone’ originates from, but one theory is that it came from the Gaelic word ‘sgonn’, which means shapeless mass or large mouthful. You can find more information about scones here.

Oreo Mini Scones:

Preheat oven to 350°F

-2 1/2 c flour
-1/3 c sugar
-2 tsp vanilla
-1 tsp baking soda
-1/4 tsp baking powder
-1 stick of butter (cold and cubed)
-1 egg
-1/2 c heavy cream (you can use cream, sour cream, buttermilk, or yogurt if you prefer although the consistency will be a bit different.)
-10 Oreos chopped into pieces

1. Preheat oven.
2. Mix the butter, flour, and leavening agents together either with your hands or in a food processor until you get a crumbly consistency. There should be pea-sized lumps of butter still there.
3. Stir in the egg, sugar, milk/cream, and vanilla. You should get a dough that is elastic-y and not too sticky. If it’s too sticky add a bit more flour. If it’s too dry add a bit more cream. This recipe seems to be pretty forgiving in that respect.
4. Knead in the chopped up Oreos.
5. Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes
6. Traditionally scones are rolled out and then cut into triangles. I don’t have a cutting board or a rolling pin so I simply shaped dough balls about 1/2 inch thick and placed them on a greased cookie sheet. Very similar to how I’d make cookies.
7. Bake for 16-18 minutes until the tops begin to crack open a bit and the bottom edges are golden brown.


10 thoughts on “Oreo Mini Scones

  1. LOVE the fun facts! Also about sleeping in… I love it too! I love planning my schedule so I don’t have to wake up at 6 AM for an 8 AM class. No thanks. I would have never thought about putting oreos in scones- that’s such a good idea! These look fantastic!

    • Thanks, Faith! I think that sleep is definitely a priority in my life, they say in college you can only have two of the following three: sleep, social life, or good grades. I disagree. I think I have sleep, cookies, and more cookies.

  2. Ohhh my gosh oreo scones sound so good!!!! I’ve never tried that before–brilliant! Ooh how yummy would oreo-stuffed scones be? Like an entire oreo wrapped in brown butter scone dough or something…anyhoo, you are awesome! Love these!

  3. Reblogged this on Berries and Cocoa and commented:
    These look so amazing – I am going to make them this weekend. I still need to make another kind of breakfast treat for a weekend meeting….any ideas? Thanks to Rebecca at Dorm Room Baker for another awesome recipe!

  4. Fun recipe and I love miniature sized things! It totally makes you feel better about eating them and they are always so cute 🙂 I am the same way- I always pawn my baked goods off on to others. I bet it is not too hard for you either, since you are a college student. Whenever I take baked goods into my lab, they are gone very quickly.

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