Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookie Cups

Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookies

Foodie Factoid: By the time the Roman Empire rolled around, cheese was already a widespread product. No one is quite sure where it originated from, but there are mentions of cheese in Greek mythology as well as on 4000 year old Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings!

That may be the best alliterative recipe I’ve ever made. Also, why have boring chocolate chip cookies when you can add an extra flavor element to them? Let me translate that to Rebecca-speak: I had a block of cream cheese in my refrigerator that I needed to do something with…I like my first pitch better.

In other news, I’m finally on spring break! WOOHOO!!!! Can we talk about how Brandeis has the absolute latest spring break ever and how they should be ashamed of making us wait this long to go on break? (Even though my dad likes to complain that he’s paying all this money for me to be on break more than I’m actually in class…oops?)

Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookies


Anyway so I thought I would share a cool project that I’ve taken on and will probably be continuing during the summer. Since it’s up in the air as to whether or not I’m actually going to be able to do my dream independent study next school year, I’ve decided to take on the research for my own personal interest. I’ve started reading tons of books on culinary history in hopes that I can better understand the evolution of desserts from way back when until modern day where somehow it has become the norm to stuff a cookie inside of a brownie inside of a donut. I’m pretty sure no one in Medieval England was doing that…. As of now I’m currently in the midst of reading a book on the history of ice cream. How cool is that? Who would have ever thought that ice cream had such an intricate history that someone could write an entire book about it!? The book is called Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla and is definitely worth reading if you have any interest in culinary/dessert history. I have about 5-6 more books that I need to read, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about reading non-fiction before.

Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookie Cups

-8 oz Cream Cheese
-1 stick of butter
-1 c sugar
-2 eggs
-2 1/2 (minus 1 tbsp) c flour
-2 tsp baking soda
-1 1/2 tsp vanilla
-2 tsp baking powder
-3/4 c chocolate chunks/chips

1. Preheat oven to 350°F
2. Cream together butter, cream cheese, and sugar
3. Add in vanilla and the dry ingredients.
4. Mix in the chocolate chips/chunks
5. Spoon the dough into either a mini muffin mold or you can bake them on a cookie sheet like regular cookies. I just thought I’d try something a little different.
6. Bake for 9-11 minutes or until the edges begin to brown.





11 thoughts on “Chocolate Chunk Cream Cheese Cookie Cups

  1. What a brilliant idea. Why have plain chocolate chip cookies when you can have these? Amazing! And what a great way to spend spring break. I’m going to look into that book.

  2. This was me last summer- except I was sightly (o.k. maybe a LOT) obsessed with women food-preneurs who had created these crazy careers out of cooking and recipes. It also makes me happy that cream cheese has been around so long- it’s such a wonderful addition to life. I’ve been using cream cheese in cookis, but not chocolate chip. I’ll have to change that- thanks for the foodie factoids 🙂 Keep us updated on your project.

    • That’s such a cool summer project! I’d be interested to hear what you found :). I’ll definitely let you know what sort of awesome stuff I stumble upon, right now I’m reading a really in-depth history of chocolate!

  3. Okay, these look awesome! I LOVE the addition of cream cheese and I always love a cookie cup. Thanks for sharing at Saturday Night Fever!!

  4. You are not alone in needing to use up random ingredients and finding ways to incorporate them into other recipes. This is a great way to use cream cheese, and I bet it makes super soft cookies!

    • Haha glad I’m not the only one who plays the ‘let’s see what’s in the fridge’ game. These cookies turned out really well though and are definitely worth trying!

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