Raspberry Honey Bread

Raspberry Honey BreadHey guys! I hope everyone had a happy Mothers’ Day (love you, Mom–it was nice to be home). I just finished up my semester so now I’ll finally have some time to do other things I enjoy. Predominantly Netflix, but hey I think I’ve earned it. After that, it’s back to classes for the rest of the summer. They asked me what size lab coat I wear so it must be super legit haha. I can pretend to be sciency with all the pre-medies.

In (belated) honor of Mothers’ Day I would like to write a small tribute to my Grandma Tani who passed in February. I’m got my love of baking from her and I remember all the wonderful moments that we spent in the kitchen together with great fondness. Every time I went to stay with her when I was a kid, we’d make delicious chocolate chip cookies and my sisters and I would eat them while they were still hot (I liked chocolate a lot more back then haha). She also used to send us care packages with her delicious mandel bread and we’d devour it like we hadn’t eaten in months. Not gonna lie–that made me pretty popular for about a week my freshman year of college haha. Anyway, I think she really would have really enjoyed this raspberry bread and I wish that she was still with us so that I could have called her up and wished her a happy day.

Raspberry Honey Bread

Anyway, let’s talk about eating raspberry bread. My dad is a self-avowed raspberry hater and he thought this was amazing so I’m going to take that as a stamp of approval. This bread comes together super quickly and you can totally make the recipe into muffins if that’s more your style, just cut the baking time down to about 20 minutes. I think the raspberries look really awesome when they’re baked into the bread. Kind of like lipstick kisses, am I right?

Raspberry Honey Bread

-1 stick of butter
-3/4 c brown sugar
-1/3 c honey
-1/2 c milk
-1/4 c plain yogurt
-2 eggs
-2 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp vanilla
-2 c raspberries
-2 c flour

1. Cream together butter and sugar
2. Mix in the milk, vanilla, yogurt, eggs, and honey
3. Combine, flour and baking powder in a separate bowl
4. Add the dry ingredients into the wet and mix until just combined, don’t overdo it with the mixing or the bread won’t be as fluffy
5. Gently fold in the raspberries
6. Bake at 350° for 45-60 minutes or until a knife comes out clean. If it starts to get too brown on the top, cover the bread with aluminum foil and continue to bake.


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Honey Bread

  1. Hi Rebecca: Thank you for the kind remembrances of Grandma Tani. Sometimes, it is easy to take for granite the nice things people do and only when they are gone do you realize how truly wonderful the relationship was. I am so glad we had those meeting in Pasadena with you and Josh. Grandma was so happy to feel the excitement that exists between the two of you.

    I made the Raspberry Bread and, yes, it is super delicious. I think I may have folded the raspberries in too strongly because my raspberries are completely enmeshed in the bread without the image of whole raspberries that appeared in your picture. I am still the neophyte learning baking skills.

    Hope summer school is tolerable and your graduation is exciting.

    Grandpa Dick

    • Thanks Grandpa! Raspberries are pretty fragile so you have to be careful mixing them in– otherwise they get smushed too easily. I’m glad you enjoyed the bread though! I too hope summer school is tolerable, and I’m not sure if my graduation is going to be anything special. I’m still looking in to coming out to visit for a few days on the way to Japan so I’ll keep you posted once I know what my plans are.

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