Raspberry Honey Bread

Raspberry Honey BreadHey guys! I hope everyone had a happy Mothers’ Day (love you, Mom–it was nice to be home). I just finished up my semester so now I’ll finally have some time to do other things I enjoy. Predominantly Netflix, but hey I think I’ve earned it. After that, it’s back to classes for the rest of the summer. They asked me what size lab coat I wear so it must be super legit haha. I can pretend to be sciency with all the pre-medies.

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Apple Pancake Rings

Apple Rings 2It’s my last full week of classes? What? When did this happen? Then I have whole month off before going back to school for an eight week program before I graduate? Ahhhhhh! The quarter-life crisis is hitting me hard. Time to hide under my bed and eat these pancake rings until I magically emerge one day with a job and all of my sh*t together. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes

Ok let’s be honest. These pancakes are essentially dessert. Sure you can lie to yourself (I totally will) and say that they’re breakfast, but we all know that they’re not fooling anyone. Anyway since I’m snowed in, I decided that I should make dessert pancakes for lunch and eat them without any regrets. In reference to my dessertfast (sounds better than breakssert) intake, I actually have a hilarious story to share.  Continue reading

Baked Strawberry Donuts

Baked Strawberry Donuts 1

I finally got to break out my donut pan! I’ve had it sitting in the cabinet forever since I tried to make donuts for Thanksgivukkah last year and failed pretty miserably. It made me particularly sad because for that attempt I actually followed a recipe I found to a T, guess I learned my lesson: always be a food blogger and change a zillion things about a pre-existing recipe haha. Anyway so I’ve actually been on a total strawberry kick lately. Not in terms of baking with them obviously (until now), but in terms of what I feel like stuffing into my face on a daily basis. My parents can attest to this, but I’ll literally stand at the counter and inhale half a carton of strawberries in a matter of minutes. I think I’m driving my dad crazy because I keep asking him to cut the strawberries and then when he doesn’t I just gnaw them down all the way to the stem. Healthy? Eh. I mean it’s not the best way to go about eating food, but heck at least they’re not chips. Continue reading

Baked Blueberry French Toast

Blueberry Baked French Toast The semester is over and just in time for mother’s day! I finally made it back to the Garden State (NJ) yesterday after a long and rainy car ride chock full of traffic and a broken air conditioner in the car. Gotta love road trips. Anyway so to thank my mother for making the long trip out to pick me up and help me pack up my things I decided it was worth waking up early to make her a special Mother’s Day breakfast. (Or it may have to do with the fact that I feel a teensy bit guilty for not getting her a real present…moving right along). Regardless of my reasoning, this french toast an awesome way to celebrate a day for your mom, or any occasion deserving of brunch/breakfast treats. Continue reading

Three Ingredient Cookies


Three ingredient cookies


These cookies are so easy you might think they’re an April Fool’s trick. Nope. They really are only three ingredients, which feels like a kind of cheat to put on my blog, but hey c’est la vie. I was pleasantly surprised when I made these and figured out how delicious they are. I only ate them right out of the oven so I have no idea what they taste like after they’ve cooled down all the way…um…yea. (Rebecca is a no good, very bad food blogger haha.) To remedy this I suggest you put them for a quick spin into the toaster oven or microwave if you plan to eat them later! So at this point you must be thinking, hey so Rebecca must have eaten an entire batch of these cookies all by herself…I’ll let you in on a little secret: I always halve the recipes when I make them for the blog since as I’ve mentioned I’m in a bit of a fiscal deficit and don’t feel like sharing with other people on my hall. Look at me being antisocial haha. Continue reading