Raspberry Honey Bread

Raspberry Honey BreadHey guys! I hope everyone had a happy Mothers’ Day (love you, Mom–it was nice to be home). I just finished up my semester so now I’ll finally have some time to do other things I enjoy. Predominantly Netflix, but hey I think I’ve earned it. After that, it’s back to classes for the rest of the summer. They asked me what size lab coat I wear so it must be super legit haha. I can pretend to be sciency with all the pre-medies.

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Brown Sugar Blueberry Muffins

Brown Sugar Blueberry Muffins

I AM DONE BOSTON. I quit. I give up. I can’t handle any more of you and your stupid snow. When it takes me and my Wisconsonite fiancé (seriously they know how to handle their snow up there) an hour an a half and some borderline frostbite to dig my stupid car out of the snow that is where I draw the line. And then when I try to escape by driving home to NJ, you dump more snow on me while I’m driving. I’m BREAKING UP WITH YOU BOSTON. It’s not me. It’s definitely you. Plus you broke my windshield wiper. Jerk.  Continue reading

Apple Pie Muffins

Apple Pie Muffins

So I don’t usually apologize for desserts, but I really do need to make amends for this one. In my defense, I have a really good logic for this one that I actually came up with post-creating, but it totally still counts. What does a moderately lactose intolerant, probably shouldn’t be eating so much sugar, with a stomach that definitely does not respond well to apples person create when they’re trying to make a dessert that they should in no way be eating? Well, my friends, she made apple muffins. With ice cream. I know what you’re thinking–oh so she made muffins and then put ice cream on top of it when they were done. Isn’t that what people always do with apple pie? Good thinking, but no. That’s not what I did… Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Potato Bread

Sweet Potato Bread


So I’ve started to see pumpkin recipes going up on Pinterest and on other blogs. In my opinion, there’s nothing strictly wrong with that, and as a fellow pumpkin lover, who am I to judge? That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m ready to take the leap. Something about baking with pumpkin in August seems semi sacrilegious. I adore pumpkin, we’re totally bffs, but I don’t want to see it in my desserts until at least mid September. Anyway, that’s just me. In that case, why not find a happy medium? My parents and I have a huge pumpkin bread bake every year, we probably bake 50+ breads each year and give them away to friends and family. And that’s not including the breads that ‘accidentally’ get eaten instead of wrapped and given away ;). After November I pretty much had pumpkin bread coming out of my ears, at least I did when I still lived at home. I decided to use that recipe as a base and tweak it just a little bit to accommodate the more mild sweet potato flavor. Basically this bread is crazy delicious.  Continue reading

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread


One of my favorite summer foods has got to be zucchini. My mom usually grills it with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. It’s pretty amazing. We actually popularized this recipe in the house last summer when we had way more squash than we knew what to do with. You might think that isn’t possible or that we should be more responsible about our grocery shopping, but that isn’t the case at all. Continue reading

Cinnamon Quick Bread

Cinnamon  Quick Bread

After spending my entire spring break working on a paper about chocolate I absolutely had to make something that had nothing to do with chocolate. Any more reference or mention of chocolate at this point would probably make me scream. I now know more about the cocoa trade between the Mesoamericans (Mayas and Aztecs) and the Conquistadores than I could ever possibly have wanted to know. Ever. Did you know that chocolate’s scientific name Theobroma Cacao means food of the gods? I think whoever named it was a moron. Instead, it should be called food of the ‘let’s see how much sleep deprivation we can subject Rebecca to’. Linnaeus needs to step up his name game. Continue reading

Chocolate Mini-Muffins

Chocolate Mini-Muffins

Foodie Factoid: Candy is the most popular gift given on Valentine’s Day, clocking at 47.5% of all presents. That is A LOT of sugar!

Can I pretty please count these as my Valentine’s Day treat? I mean they have red cupcake liners right? And they’re chocolatey and cute right? Please? Eh. We’ll see if I get around to making anything else ‘love’ themed and if I don’t then I hereby declare that these count for Valentine’s Day. So there. How do people feel about Valentine’s Day by the way? As for me, well this will actually be the first Valentine’s Day (someone decided to skip out last year to go to Anime Milwaukee…cough Boyfriend cough) I’ve ever celebrated with someone else and to be perfectly honest I don’t really know what to expect and I’m hoping it’ll be nice, but I imagine that the experience is way more hyped than it needs to be.  Continue reading