Maple Cookie Bark


Maple Sugar Cookie Bark

Hey guys. I’m alive. Hooray! Haha. In seriousness though, it’s been a crazy semester. I’ve officially been promoted to the ranks of second semester college senior! I know you’re probably thinking, hey wait a second, Rebecca weren’t you just a college junior like 2 weeks ago. If so then you would be correct! I’m graduating a year early. THANK YOU AP CREDITS. The registrar officially has me down as a graduating senior which means I can claim hardcore senioritis with complete legitimacy now. Let’s momentarily forget about the fact that I have a final exam and three more final papers as well as a summer program to complete before I can actually celebrate. Shh…I won’t tell my senioritis if you don’t haha.  Continue reading


Oatmeal Cookie Apple Pie


Oatmeal cookie apple pie

Ok this was taken with my phone so excuse the quality.



Guess what! I’m alive and I baked you a pie. Ok fine, technically I baked the pie for my family at Thanksgiving, but you can pretend that I love you or whatever makes you happy. Sorry I’ve been so out of commission! First off I was really sick with some virus for about two weeks, so that whacked me out for a while and then I’ve also been crazy busy with life and school and everything. Agh so many things to do and definitely not enough time. -_-. Anyway so I’ll try to stick to the food front of things, although I have another Rebecca’s Ratchet College Adventures story to share probably in my next post so there’s that. Also I found a professor to work with me on an independent study for next semester! I am going to be doing a study on the history of dessert culture! So excited! 😀

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Creamy Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Creamy Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Dorm life story: this morning I was awakened at 8:30 am by someone singing next door. I mean if it’s any condolence, they didn’t have a terrible voice, but seriously? Why are you singing at 8:30 in the morning!? Being the horrible person that I am, I decided to try to bang on our shared wall to signal said person that they should shut the *bleep* up, but turns out the walls are actually pretty thick and my banging made hardly any noise. Cue my frustration and resignation. Moral of story: DON’T SING AT 8:30 AM, unless you live in your own house, that is. If you live in your own house without wall-sharing neighbors then feel free to sing your little heart out haha. Continue reading

Fresh Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart *Isn’t it so pretty?! I thought it was pretty so I guess that’s all that counts haha. It’s kind of rare that I make a dessert that’s anything special to look at. At the end of the day, a cookie is just a brown lump with some stuff thrown into it and don’t even get me started on brownies–it’s damn near impossible to make those look good! Anyway, this tart looks awesome in my opinion (and it tastes even better). I’m so modest haha. Something about it seems really summery–maybe because it reminds me of the 4th of July. Happy Summer by the way!  Continue reading

Asian Pear Crumble


Asian Pear Crumble

Can you guys believe it’s June already!? I sure can’t haha. Ok so I know that this recipe is SO not Italian related at all, which probably would be the logical thing to post after getting back from Rome, but my mom had some of these giant pears lying around and they needed to get used before they went bad. Never fear. I’m going to try to post something Italian for my next post!  Continue reading