Recipe Bucket List

There are things I want to make or learn how to make quite badly (not all of them are sweet), but haven’t had the time or the resources to do so. Thus, in true blogger fashion, I decided to make a list! I don’t plan to cap it at anything, but will add (and cross out) as necessary. Let me know if you have any fun ideas to add!

1. Baklava
2. Homemade Poptarts
3. Croissants
4. Bagels
5. Pad Thai
6. Cannolis
7. Challah
8. Macarons
9. Homemade Pasta
10. Crepes
11. Truffles
12. Aebleskiver (Danish pancakes)
13. Slutty Brownies
14. Onion Rings
15. BBQ Chicken Pizza
16. Sour Gummy Worms (This is the ultimate. I will learn how to make these and sit and eat them until I explode…on second thought maybe I’d better not.)
17. Salted Caramel
18. Eclairs
19. Chicken noodle soup- Completed with Easy Chicken Noodle Soup 
20. Pound cake  Completed with Blueberry Pound Cake 
21. Pecan pie
22. Homemade Ice Cream
23. Funnel cake
24. Puppy Chow
25. Bread pudding
26. Apple strudel
27. Marzipan
28. Mochi
29. Babka
30. Yeast doughnuts

I think this is a good place to stop, but I’ll definitely add more things as I think of them!


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