Maple Cookie Bark


Maple Sugar Cookie Bark

Hey guys. I’m alive. Hooray! Haha. In seriousness though, it’s been a crazy semester. I’ve officially been promoted to the ranks of second semester college senior! I know you’re probably thinking, hey wait a second, Rebecca weren’t you just a college junior like 2 weeks ago. If so then you would be correct! I’m graduating a year early. THANK YOU AP CREDITS. The registrar officially has me down as a graduating senior which means I can claim hardcore senioritis with complete legitimacy now. Let’s momentarily forget about the fact that I have a final exam and three more final papers as well as a summer program to complete before I can actually celebrate. Shh…I won’t tell my senioritis if you don’t haha.  Continue reading


Mocha Cookies

Mocha Cookies

Hey all! I’m back on schedule now. *Fingers crossed*. How was Thanksgiving? This year was fairly tame compared to others, which was definitely a relief. With my family you never know what’s going to happen, especially once the booze starts flowing. Does anyone have a funny Thanksgiving story worth sharing? Continue reading

Sugar Cookie Bars with Creamsicle Frosting


Foodie factoid: The most modern version of the sugar cookie has origins in Nazareth, Pennsylvania from the mid 1700s. It was actually adopted as the official cookie of Pennsylvania through a House bill. That’s pretty intense right!? I don’t think Boston has an official cookie! To find out more you can check out this site.

I realized a few hours ago that my favorite cookie is not represented on this blog. Clearly that is a problem! These sugar cookie bars are amazing on their own, but I think the frosting adds an additional awesome factor. I think that since sugar cookies aren’t inherently interesting I’ll make this post somewhat confessional. Continue reading